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About KHUH

It is a university hospital located in Muharraq Governorate, it was built on an area of 64 thousand square meters and consists of three main buildings, where each building consists of four roles that are related to each other with two main corridors and in addition to these high-level medical construction facilities, which is equipped with the latest technologies and medical and diagnostic approaches.

It includes the latest medical equipment and fully equipped facilities, can accommodate about 410 beds, nine operating rooms, nine wards, 2 intensive care units with 26 beds for adults and an neonatal intensive care unit unit that includes 34 nurseries, and the emergency department includes 42 beds, in addition to 12 A suite for admitted patients, a day case ward, a physiotherapy and hydrotherapy unit, a hyperbaric therapy unit and an outpatient department, all equipped with the latest modern medical devices and technologies.

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