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Chronic Pain management

Chronic Pain Management

Pain Clinic in KHUH deals with all types of chronic pain in which pain continues more than 3-6 months without satisfactory relief.

The principle of pain management is to get the patient back to his normal daily activity at both his home and work.

Proper diagnosis, evaluation, and management of pain from its beginning can prevent its progression into a more difficult situation which gets worse to manage and very difficult to treat.

Pain management can differ according to the complexity of the condition starting from simple medical prescription to trigger point injection up to complex fluoroscopic guided procedures, neural ablation and pumps or generators implantations.

In KHUH, we receive and manage all types of chronic pain which are referred from other specialties and are resistant to be treated by the normal conventional way.  These cases include also some cancerous cases which need usually more aggressive way of management.

The usual non-malignant chronic cases include mainly cases with back pain, neck pain, pain due to neurological causes, joint diseases, failed back surgery, skin diseases like Herpes Zoster, non-specific
intra-abdominal pain, coccygeal pain, gynecological pain, peripheral neuropathy, certain types of uncontrolled headache and facial pain, and many other conditions of resistant pain.

Management and treatment include both by medication and/or interventional technique in which special injection and/or use other ways like Radiofrequency to ablate sensory nerves and for more resistant and difficult cases, we can perform more sophisticated procedure to implant special pumps or generators to control resistant pain. 

Chronic pain management usually needs a multidisciplinary management in which patient will probably need to be referred to Physiotherapy, psychiatry, and others like rehabilitation.

  • Dr. Dhafir AlKhudhairi

    Consultant Pain Management


    - All types of chronic pain which did not respond to the normal convential.
    - Treatment in any specialty (whether it was neurogenic or nonneurogenic), Mainly include back pain (upper, middle & lower back pain…


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