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Message From C.E.O


The development process continues at King Hamad University Hospital in order to provide the best medical and therapeutic services. The hospital has implemented and launched the latest technologies and projects as part of the ongoing expansion plan for advanced treatment services to all citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

As a continuation of the series of achievements at King Hamad University Hospital in the context of the implementation of its development projects, the construction of Bahrain Oncology Center has been completed gradually in the last quarter of 2017.

The aim of Bahrain Oncology Center is to localize the treatment through the Center's distinguished medical staff. We aim to provide the highest patient's satisfaction by providing comprehensive medical care and outstanding health care so that the Bahraini patient will be assured of the available medical services in Bahrain. We have made every effort to reach the international standards and attract patients from abroad in line with the government economic vision of the 2030, which has planned to be a destination for medical tourism

The hospital has signed several collaboration agreements with the academic institutions to train medical, technical and administrative staff for continuous professional development, which will enrich their knowledge and improve their skills in the fields of their specialization in order to continue to provide the best care and services for patients.

As a conclusion order to provide continuous development with a high level of healthcare services offered to all citizens ad residents of the Kingdom of Bahrain. KHUH is keen to move forward with the benefits from the expertise. Technologies and experience of the developed world and embark on a well-conceived healthcare program.


Major General. (Dr.) Salman bin Ateyatalla Abdulrahman Al Khalifa,

FRCS, DLO Chief Executive Officer of King Hamad University Hospital

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