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  • Department of Emergency Medicine Services:

The emergency department represents the gateway to the hospital; this is because a large percentage of patients access the hospital by presenting to the emergency department.

The department treats around 72,000 patients a year.

A full spectrum of patients presents in Emergency Medicine Department, from neonates to the elderly with major and minor trauma, psychiatric problems and minor illness to true medical emergencies.

The medical and nursing staffs work closely together to take care of patients, other members of the team include the clerical staff, orderlies, and security staff; they also have important roles in the department.

  • How does the ED Works:

The department is divided into a number of different areas with different functions. This includes but not limited to: Triage Rooms, Waiting Area, Resuscitation/Red Area, Orange Area, Yellow Area, Green Area, Pediatric Section, etc.

  • Triage:

All patients are seen on arrival by a senior nurse based at triage; they receive a quick assessment and give them a triage score of 1 to 5 which is a scale of urgency (Manchester Triage Scale).

  1. Category 1 patients have a life threatening condition such as cardiac arrest, shock, major trauma or coma; they are taken immediately to the resuscitation rooms.
  2. Category 2 patients have a potentially life threatening condition requiring urgent review and are sent to Orange Area.
  3. Category 3 & 4 patients are the majority of patients and have a wide variety of presentations. They may be seen in the main Yellow or Green Areas.
  4. Category 5 patients have a disease which is not time urgent but still requires review and management.

  • Staffing:

The Emergency Department at KHUH works around the clock, providing services in emergency medicine with physicians who are board-certified and specialized in emergency medicine.

The role of the emergency doctor is not necessarily to make a final diagnosis, but to exclude urgent threads to life.

In the ED we stabilize patient, identify the patients that require hospital admission and commence any urgent treatment. After exclusion of serious diagnoses many patients may be safely discharged, often without a diagnosis but with a clear plan for follow up.

Unlike the ward where patients are usually seen sequentially, in the ED we are dealing with a number of patients with various complaints at the same time, this is one of the challenges of emergency medicine.

The department is staffed at all times with emergency nurses and paramedics with specialized training and certification to provide triage, cardiac life support, pediatric life support, trauma, and critical care.

  • Description of Services:

The emergency department provides emergency services with physician coverage and specialty consultation available in orthopedics, pediatric, medical services, and surgical services. The Emergency Department provides evaluation and care to any individual who presents to the facility. All who present receive a timely triage (assessment) and are then classified according to the acuity of their complaint. The patients will be seen according to the Triage category and not according to time of arrival.

  • How to call for an ambulance from KHUH:

  1. To request an ambulance from outside the Hospitals, should contact through the phone number 999, and the caller will be connected to the KHUH dispatch room.
  2. If any of within KHUH departments’ requires an ambulance, a request should be sent in advance in order to send the Paramedics crew to their location.