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Clinical Dietician

Nutrition is an important factor that affects human health directly, since every individual has certain daily needs for the nutrients taken from food. Nutrients are essential for the human body to survive, grow, support immune system and prevent illnesses.

Dietician clinic is one of the important departments in the hospital, due to its huge impact on upgrading the health services provided by the hospital, throughout providing the patients with the suitable diet systems based on approved medical programs.   
Diet systems have a major role in the treatment of some critical health problems such as gastro diseases, anemia, food allergies and obesity.
Dietician clinic responsibilities include supervising and coordinating with the catering services to provide inpatients with the suitable meals according to their health condition, medical cases assessment, educate patients regarding the suitable diet for them and following- up the with them.

Nutritionists usually have daily rounds to follow up and give all the necessary instructions and changes for the patients’ meals, the patients’ health improvement and planning for the new patients’ diets and meals according their health condition requirements.
  • Dr. Areej AlSaad

    Clinical Dietician


    - Diabetes mellitus and obesity and other endocrine condition such as type 1 and 2, gestational, pre-diabetes.
    - Renal disease: acute, chronic renal failure, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis.
    - Nephrotic…


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