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Quality & Safety


The King Hamad University Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the NHRA as a commitment to quality and safety, which are the core of our mission and vision. We aim to achieve highest levels of quality and safety by engaging our team of doctors, nurses, therapists and other staff as well as partnership with the patient and their family members. We are committed to the patient as well as the community at large, by delivering the best possible care every time and continuously improving the way we do things driven by evolving data, benchmarks and evidence best practices.

Our Goals

  • Maintaining the compliance with national standards (NHRA and BDF excellence) and international quality standards (JCI)
  • To provide a quality service for KHUH with the major emphasis on positive outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  • To develop a robust quality and patient safety program in keeping with the overall goals of the KHUH.
  • To be as leaders and influence unit on key quality and safety.
  • To develop, support and monitor systems for customer and employees that eliminate risk.
  • To use collaborative methods to monitor the clinical and non- clinical efficiency.

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